Thousands of Confused Sports Fans Chant ‘Refs You Suck’ at Trump Rally


Thousands of bewildered sports fans started chanting “refs you suck” at a Donald Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina this week.

“It started with ‘drain the swamp’, then ‘lock her up’, then ‘send her back,'” explained rally attendee Jack McMurphy. “To be totally honest, we’re not really capable of anything more than inane three syllable chants.”

McMurphy explains that as soon as he enters an arena he just has an irresistible urge to shout ‘refs you suck!’

“I couldn’t help myself. We were in an arena,” said McMurphy. “So I just started shouting and soon thousands of people were shouting with me…and Trump seemed to like it.”

Facing criticism from the “ref-supporting radical left”, the President later tried to distance himself from the chanters.

“They’re incredible patriots, but I don’t agree with them,” said Trump. “I know many refs and not all of them suck, just some of them. Some refs are tremendous, just tremendous. So I wish they hadn’t done it. I tried to stop them, but they’re incredible patriots, those people, my people.”

After the rally, Trump spent the rest of the evening sitting in his hotel room tweeting about all the blown calls in the game last night.

(photo credit: Will Thomas/CC)

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