Things are So Bad that Trump Has Stopped Saying ‘Tremendous’


The situation is so dire these days that President Trump has cut back on saying “tremendous” all the time. Speech analysts have noted that the President now refers to things as being “tremendous” a mere once in every three or four sentences.

“We’ve seen a dramatic decline in calling stuff ‘tremendous,’” said political analyst Dr. Janzen of the University of East Elkhart. “I’m not sure how he’s been able to curtail the use, but it’s quite tremendous I must say.”

Tremendous stocks took a hit this week, but are expected to rebound once the demand for the word returns to normal.

“Trump was accounting for between 70 to 80 percent all of usages of ‘tremendous’ worldwide,” said Janzen. “I know that tremendous manufacturers are taking a big hit.”

Although tremendous usage has dropped, Janzen has noted that instances of Trump saying ‘China’ has remained relatively stable.

“If you had dumped tremendous and bought China a couple months ago, you would have doubled your money by now,” said Janzen. “Also hot on the global market at the moment are ‘WTF’ and ‘sense of normalcy.’”

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